Heating and Plumbing

Heating :

P. Chester & Son has over 50 years of experience and knowledge installing heating systems. We will design you an easy to operate system that meets the requirements of your business. These services include everything from the Plant room water main connection to the outlet of your taps.

Your business is our priority and we will do our utmost to ensure you are happy. We will carry out installations in a manner that means you won’t be without hot water, particularly in the colder months.

We can, as part of our Visit :-

  • Carry out an annual service on your condensing or combination boiler be it gas or oil fired.
  • Investigate breakdowns so as to reinstate your boiler back to its normal working operation.
  • Inspect gas or oil safety on your site (If required) including reporting findings.
  • Offer power flushing services to not only lengthen the lifespan of your heating system but increase its efficiency also.

Plumbing :

Our plumbing services include the following:

  • Installation of bathroom toilets and basins.
  • Blended hot and cold water for domestic outlets
  • Dedicated hot and cold water taps for the likes of cleaners sinks.
  • Kitchenette sink and associated services such as a boiler water point for hot drinks.
  • Installation of disabled Document M Packs.
  • Services to water outlets, such as those serving outdoor taps or connections on to a dish washer.
  • Under sink hot water heaters, when a smaller hot water loading is required.
  • Utilisation of rain water harvesting for non-drinking water outlets
  • Installation of all above ground drainage services to existing soil stacks.