Air Conditioning and Ventilation

To those that run commercial and industrial properties, you know that comfort is a top priority when it comes to the welfare of your employees and one of the main contenders  of comfort is temperature, of e.g. your office, meeting room or classroom etc. These rooms can be quite densely occupied which can become quite uncomfortable, particularly during the summer months in which case the work flow will start to suffer.

Owning the correct air conditioning system is a huge factor to consider when monitoring the temperature of a room or a whole building for that matter. It is for this reason alone why we at P. Chester & Son (BEDFORD) Ltd. have focused on developing our services to the highest quality for our clients in all manner of industrial and commercial sites.

Even after completion of your new system, our experienced, qualified team are more than capable of maintaining to an industry recognized standard that will ensure your unit(s) are running up to their maximum potential. This includes cleaning the removable filters on the indoor unit and cleaning both these and the internal Coils, the pump can also be tested with water to ensure your unit is properly disposing of condense waters. The outside unit coils are also cleaned down. The unit shall then be run in Heating and Cooling to ensure the appropriate temperatures are being reached this is also to hear if there are any particular untoward noises within the units that may need to be further investigated.


Air conditioning systems installed before 2003 could now potentially be at risk and it may be time to replace exiting systems with the new.

Old A/C equipment can cosume around 50% more energy than a newer system would which in turn would increase the harmful emissions produced while increasing the cost of running to yourself.

At the end of 2014 it became illegal to handle R22 within an existing system such as maintaining, servicing or adding, the reason being for its damaging effects to the ozone layer when released to the atmosphere.

Equipment at this age will be reaching the end of its life and the likelihood of breakdowns and other issues becomes a much more frequent issue therefore this will leave you with limited cooling or heating or even none at all.