Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

Be it commercial or industrial, when running any business your employees comfort is undoubtedly a huge factor to consider. Particularly during the summer months, regulating the temperature in any densely populated room will help stop the work flow suffering. Especially busy offices or rooms exposed to the sun.

For the system to work to the best of its ability. Firstly correct sizing is crucial, secondly the installation quality must be up to a high standard. These are items we at P. Chester & Son (BEDFORD) Ltd. have focused on developing, so that our customers are left with an efficient and effective air conditioning installation.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

We can help you establish a maintenance program to suit your requirements, upon completion. Our experienced and qualified team will ensure your system operates to an industry recognized standard the way it always has. The program will include the required frequency of maintenance visits as different systems will require different levels of attention depending on their location. For example a unit cooling a server room will be running often and will need more inspections than a unit in a mostly vacant meeting room.

The procedures carried out in a maintenance check include; Cleaning the filters and internal and external coils as these can get clogged with debris over time. Testing the condensate pump removes water effectively to ensure no leaks will occur. Running of the system to make sure it effectively heats and cools the room, making sure there are no strange sounds coming from the unit.

The R22 and R410a Phase Down

Air conditioning systems installed before 2003 are now at risk. For that reason we recommend replacing the old with new alternatives. Old Air conditioning equipment can consume around 50% more energy. Which in turn increases harmful emissions produced while also increasing the cost of running to you. It is now illegal to handle R22, due to its damaging effects to the ozone layer. The likelihood of breakdowns and other issues becomes a much more frequent issue when a system starts to reach the end of its life. This will leave you with limited cooling or heating or even none at all. Gradually R410a will be phased out between now and 2030 and is starting to be replaced by R32.